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Strawberry WineStrawberry Wine is the story of a small-town girl named Addison whose only ambition for the summer before her senior year is to escape the stress of school and spend a carefree summer with her friends. Little does she know that fate has other plans for her, in particular in the form of sexy Texas cowboy Jake Grady.

Jake is spending the summer working for Addy’s grandfather. Addy is instantly intrigued by the college man who is strikingly different than the boys she grew up with. Over time, their relationship develops into something more serious. But falling for Jake isn’t simple. He is heading back to college in the fall which will put a lot of miles between them. And Addy had a bad experience with an obnoxious prom date, leaving her gun shy about letting someone else into her life. Despite the attraction they feel, the obstacles keeping them apart seem daunting.

One thing I really appreciate about Darly’s writing is the ease with which she writes dialogue. Addy and Jake’s witty banter is a delight to read and feels real and natural. She gets into Addy’s head well, and we follow along with amusement her blatantly honest and humorous inner thoughts. Jake is not as forthcoming, but we get glimpses into his thoughts through revelations of his past that help us understand and sympathize with him.

I also enjoyed getting to know the other characters in the book. One of my favorites is Mags, Addy’s feisty grandmother who is a shameless matchmaker, cook extraordinaire, and advice dispenser rolled up into one. Another favorite is her effervescent best friend Ruby, who is always pushing Addy outside her comfort zone but is also deeply loyal.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It’s hard not to fall in love with Addison and Jake as they navigate the tender moments and heartbreaks of first love. I highly recommend this addictive read – perfect for a summer escape!” –


Strawberry Wine is a heartwarming coming-of-age story that takes place in a small southern town. It includes a whole lot of swoon (courtesy the sexy cowboy), a great deal of drama (courtesy the prom-night bully), an animated best friend and some good old-fashioned family values.

The protagonist is a lovely young lady named Addy who walks the reader through the summer she first fell in love. This story made me laugh, made me cry, and made me feel like a teenager again. A very absorbing read and excellent debut novel from a new romance writer with a bright future.”  – Martha Clifton


Strawberry Wine by Darly Jamison is a beautiful story that captures the essence of true, first love. Their tale begins when Addison Monroe meets Jake Grady, a college-aged boy who is working at her grandparent’s farm for the summer. Addison is a very relatable and likable character that makes you want to be her friend and cheer for her along the way. Jake isn’t just swoon-worthy, with his “impossibly hot” looks; he’s charming and caring as well.

When the town bully brings Jake to Addy’s rescue, they begin to get to know each other as more than just friends. Between Addison’s quirky best friend Ruby and her sneaky match-making grandma, there are plenty of people to encourage this blossoming love. But will Jake’s looming college plans and one dreadful accident become too much pressure on this new couple? Strawberry Wine will entertain you with it’s amazing characters and breathtaking story, and could even have you guessing until the very end!” – Lizzie Marie


“And this year’s Strawberry Queen is . . . Darly Jamison! I loved this summertime romance from beginning to end. Quirky, funny, emotional, and . . . ahem . . . hot – it kept me up until the wee hours of the morning reading it! Such a cute and realistic story that left me wanting more. Can I request a sequel?!” – P. Preston



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