Wattpad Wednesday Featuring Author Nikki D. Allen


Hello and welcome to Wattpad Wednesday! Today’s featured story is called Words a Mother Never Heard by author Nikki D. Allen. This author is relatively new to the writing platform and already her story has made waves within the community. Having read it myself, I can say it is quite possibly the most touching piece I’ve encountered on Wattpad to date. It’s a cross between a memoir and poetry, with alternating viewpoints between a mother and her deceased daughter. Words a Mother Never Heard switches back and forth between the author’s memories of her daughter and the poetry she found in her daughter’s room after her unexpected death. It is currently being featured in the poetry genre and has over 228,000 views. When I first asked the author’s permission to feature her story, I didn’t realize that today is the day her daughter passed away twelve years before. Out of deep respect for her, this post is dedicated to the author and her daughter. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Words a Mother Never Heard story blurb:

A young woman who was always the life of the party, quick to tell a joke, always smiling and happy, tragically dies at the age of twenty-three. What her mother found after her death reflected a very different woman than who she’d come to know and love…her poetry. Her words showed a young woman crying out to feel loved, wanted, beautiful and worthy. Struggling to accept herself as the wonderful, happy, beautiful woman everyone else saw her as. Her words reflected the pain and torment she allowed another to cause her. 

It is her mother’s most heart felt desire to reach even one young person struggling to accept themselves. To encourage them to open up and talk to someone, to know they are never alone, to know their feelings are validated. She also hopes to reach a mother that perhaps feels her daughter is perfect and completely in charge of her life, as mothers often do. After reading her poetry, hopefully it will facilitate conversation, confirm unconditional love and help to end words that a mother never hears.

I am her mother and these are her words…



Snow Day! Translation: Mom Will Get Nothing Done.


I had big plans for today, BIG plans, but they all flew out the window and into the wintry mix the second we received the dreaded phone call: “School will be closed today due to inclement weather.”

Yippee, right? I get to sleep in, right? WRONG. The children, let’s call them Son and Daughter, have already made their agendas and they do not involve Mom working.

Daughter believes Snow Day is a victory of sorts that should be celebrated by spending copious amounts of money, while Son believes Snow Day is a ticket to play video games and make as much noise as he can. Throw in two poodles who want to go outside the second you let them in and it just makes for one big, noisy, snow-sodden mess.

And trying to find something to do that will make everyone happy is next to impossible. Son and Daughter cannot agree on what to have for lunch much less what movie to watch on TV and the harder I try to fit in some writing the more distant the goal becomes.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to spend the time the kids are normally at school getting my work done. Evenings and weekends, when everyone is meant to be home, are family time so it’s difficult losing those precious hours during the week when I know there’s a deadline looming overhead.

Being a writer is hard. Being a mom is way harder. Everyone’s dependent on you for everything and often times the things you want, or even need to do, are pushed aside.

So what happened? I gave up the idea of writing. Instead, we all settled in for a The Amazing World of Gumball marathon and called it a day. I may not have written a single word, but the kids were content and maybe we made a memory that will bring a smile to their face when they look back on it. I mean, how often do we have a snow day? Family comes first. In the end, they’re all that matters.