April 15, 2015: Kensington Publishing Corp., America’s Independent Publisher, announces the grand prize winner of “The Write Affair,” a crowdsourced writing competition held by Kensington and hosted on Wattpad, the world’s largest community of readers and writers.

The competition’s grand prize, a book contract with Kensington Publishing, has been awarded to Darly Jamison for her winning manuscript, Strawberry Wine. The contemporary romance novel will be published in both print and digital formats under Kensington’s new Zebra Shout imprint. Launching in January 2016, Zebra Shout will publish new authors and rising stars in the romance genre.

Tara Gavin, executive editor, Kensington, lead Kensington’s editorial team to select the grand prize winner. She said, “Strawberry Wine stood out among the submissions. The writing style and characterization impressed us greatly, and we loved how the author was able to create memorable characters in a warmly realistic setting.”

Darly Jamison was notified on her success’ on April 14th and exclaimed, “I would like to thank the amazing people at Kensington Publishing and Wattpad for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime! This is such a happy surprise and I’m so excited for this chance to pursue my dream.”

“The Write Affair” was a crowdsourced writing competition for aspiring romance authors, open to previously unpublished authors of romance fiction. After submissions were made on Wattpad earlier this year, its community of over 40 million users was invited to vote for their favorite submissions, thereby narrowing the entrants down to 10 finalists. From that pool of fan-favorites, members of the Kensington editorial board selected the grand prize winner.

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  1. Congrats, Darly! This is the first i have heard of your “dream come true,” and i’m sure the prize couldn’t have gone to a more deserving writer! I’m a WP newbie, having only been told about this answer-to-a-reader-&-writers-prayer about last Oct; i’m still feeling my way around, reading like i’ve hit the water motherlode & i’ve been dying of thirst for a lifetime, but hopefully i will learn my way around a bit better and, maybe, possibly, someday…indulge my lifetime love of writing instead of just dreaming about it! Congratulations again, & thanks all you Watties for being here! God bless you all!!!

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